Learn About Ford's Extended Service Plans

Ford Extended Service Plans Help Keep Your Car Protected

Keeping your vehicle in shape can be costly; expensive vehicle repairs come up when you least expect them. However, when you have a Ford Protect Extended Service Plan, you can stay prepared for the unexpected and save money when your car is in need of repairs.

Ford offers a number of Extended Service Plans that keep your car components covered. So when a covered part needs to be repaired, you just have to pay the deductible and your Extended Service Plan will cover the rest. These plans also cover things like 24-hour roadside assistance and vehicle rental benefits so you always have a backup plan. Below, you can learn more about each available plan and decide which one is right for you.

  Ford Service-Extended Service Plans 


For those drivers looking to have coverage on just the most critical components of their Ford vehicle, the PowertrainCARE package was built for you! This plan covers 29 main components, mostly focused on important engine and transmission parts to protect your car's basic drivability. Being covered by this package helps to ease the stress of those big 'what-if' questions when it comes to some of the major issues that may come up.  View More PowertrainCARE Details Here!


At the base level, the Ford Extended Service plan covers a total of 84 components, which is perfect for those worried about the main drivability features of their vehicle. Some of the covered components under this plan include various engine and transmission parts as well as steering, braking, electrical, suspension parts and more. So, if you want to take on the streets of Chicago with a little extra reassurance, this plan might be perfect for you. View More BaseCARE Details Here!


Adding on to the BaseCARE plan, this plan covers 113 components, including many of the systems that impact your car's drivability and performance. In a nutshell, it includes everything that the BaseCARE plan covers, in addition to things like tech components (power windows and seats) and more brake coverage (anti-lock brake components).​ View More ExtraCARE Details Here!


At the top of the pack, more than 1,000 vehicle components are covered under this plan. To put it simply, it covers everything that the ExtraCARE plan covers and then some. But what more could you need in addition to what's covered under the ExtraCARE plan? Safety (airbags, sensors, and seatbelts), Audio, Emissions, and Rear Suspension components, that's what! With a list this extensive, when you are covered by the PremiumCARE plan, you can drive with confidence knowing that Ford has your back all the way!

View More PremiumCARE Details Here!
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